Midnight Piranha Brothers

by The Most Beautiful Losers



released February 25, 2011

Recorded and mixed by Jeremy James at Attaboy Studio in New Philadelphia, OH and Ben Cybulsky at Immortal. Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters in Memphis, TN.



all rights reserved


The Most Beautiful Losers Canton, Ohio

Loud and sweaty. Quiet and hoarse. Ragged and glorious. Just as bands like The Replacements and Uncle Tupelo did, The Most Beautiful Losers play for the people. They love the dark. They like the dirge. They ride that razors edge between falling apart and blowing your mind. It's as simple as that. ... more

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Track Name: Save The Last Bullet For Yourself
It’s Friday night in this shitty little town and yeah I’m drunk as hell again.
Someone’s laughing at the bar across the street and the house next door is
burning to the ground. It’s just the kinda night when everything breaks your
heart. It’s just the kinda night when you need to cross your heart. You
better save the last bullet for yourself. Loneliness creeps up your back and
holds you tight and gently. The pills you’ve been eating
ain’t working worth a damn. So you turn on the radio, it’s a sad old
country song but man oh man it’s heaven to your ears.
So you better . . . save the last bullet for yourself.
Track Name: Daydream Disaster
This is where the story ends , right before it begins. So hum a
song that makes you feel happy. Two-step to the broken beat of
heartbreak and earthquakes. Hurricanes and killer bees.
Heartbreak and earthquakes. Nervous girls with shaky knees.
Daydream Disaster. Lovesick and shattered. Daydream
disaster makes you feel bad, makes you feel sad. Never see
your face on the radio. Never hear your voice on tv.
News-flash there’s another disaster. Last call before we
finally sink.
Track Name: Frankenstein
We're comin' over in a little while. We've got some Jager and two coolers full of beer. We'll still be standing when the sun is comin'up. Pasty, pale and green, we stagger when we're stuck. Crazy Matt will be on your living room floor and there will be vomit all over your bathroom door. We'll control your stereo til 9 am. We'll play THE SALT MINERS and THE AFGHAN WHIGS. And she always said I look just like Frankenstein when I'm drunk and out of my mind. I am trying to persuade you to drink some more with me. Pasty, pale and green. Come along and we'll show you how to stagger when you step, electrodes in your neck. And she always said I look just Frankenstein when I'm drunk and out of my mind. And I don't want to lose you. I just want a drink or two . . .
or maybe ten.
Track Name: First Love
My first love was heartbreak and I carried her in my arms
for so long. And just like every summer night slowly drifts into
fall. I still see you there . . . Your red golden hair.
On those summer nights I was so alive.
I still see you there in the twilight of the
spring. Laying in your arms. You were
You were my first love. You were my heartbreak.
You were my "Left of the Dial" and my "Achin' To Be".
A punk rock girl from a little town, I lost you
and then I lost myself. Not a day goes by that
I don't say your name.
You were my first love.... you were a punk rock girl from a little town.
Track Name: Abrasive Elizabeth
I've been tryin' so hard. I've been loading my gun.
I've been pushing myself. I've been ringing your bell.
I go loud quiet loud. I get lost in you. I get lost
and found. I slip and fall and I spin myself around
I listen to your heart and try to replicate the sound.
I've been trying so hard to be the one for you
Abrasive Elizabeth. You'll tear me apart in all
likelihood, Abrasive Elizabeth. Pink and red turning
into blue. I'll make the song sweet like a valentine
to you. Lets dance and sing. Lets break out the booze. Ring
the loud bells. Ring them all afternoon.
Track Name: South Dakota
39 hours through the mountains in the winter.
39 hours in the van together.
Just to play 30 minutes of rock and roll.
Started this tour straight from works door.
Everybody's getting sick, there's kleenex all over the floor.
We are losing our minds. We are losing our minds.
South Dakota. South Dakota. South Dakota.
We have lost our minds...
Track Name: Go Ahead And Bleed
Hopeless springs eternal.
Eats you with wide open teeth.
And the blessings you've been searching for
Are nowhere to be seen.
Go ahead and bleed.
Do you find yourself haunted
By all of your hopes and dreams?
Did the boy or girl you loved so much
Leave you wasted on your knees?
Go ahead and bleed.
There's an Irish girl across the bar
And she's singin' all the words to the songs.
And the band is playing loud as hell
And we all just sing along... all night long.
Track Name: The Curse Of The Valentine
Tonight I am drunk as hell. Passed out on the floor with my boots on.
Tonight, I guess I miss you still.My heart is in my throat, I can't seem to let you go.
We're over and done with. But it's round and round we go.
Round and round we go. The Curse Of The Valentine.
Sweetly, I will call you on the phone.
From 3000 miles away but you won't be at home.
Now listen to the bottle drop.
When you make a wreck of everything I guess it's time to stop.
But it's round and round I go.
Round and round I go.
Recklessly and hopelessly stranded in the snow.
Track Name: Miss Invisible
The Misfits were better when Danzig was the singer
And I was better when you were my girl
Without you here this house feels haunted
"Disintegration" is on repeat again
Don't tell me it's alright
Please don't say I'll be ok
Don't tell me it's alright
Cuz it ain't
My search for you leads me through the bars
Where I spend my summer nights blackout drunk again
And slinging empty bottles at cop cars
I guess the whiskey really isn't my friend
My x-ray spex don't work when you're not here
Miss Invisible... I'm miserable
Track Name: Thirteen Snakebites
Thirteen snakebites and a ghost walks through the door.
I ain't laughin', ain't smilin' anymore. Someone
done turned out the lights on me again. All those so-called
friends with their teeth and tongues and venom.
I'm so unsatisfied I don't even dream at night.
Below the mountains where my Daddy used to roam are the coalmines
and they're fillin' up with blood. I'm so unsatisfied I can't even
sleep at night. Here's your West Virginia death moon. C'mon darlin'
push the blood through. You're so pretty but you're pissin' on
his heart. You are so pretty but you fuck'em all apart.
Here's your West Virginia death moon. C'mon darlin' push the blood though.
Track Name: Losing Heather
Misconnected.Misconnected connection.
I request new directions to your
unknown obligation.
Behind the scenes frustration.
We said goodbye at graduation.
I never saw you again. Wasn’t
Heather your friend?
Read it in a local paper, that’s how bad
news gets delivered.
Yeah you think you’ll live
forever...this old yearbook
makes me shiver. Misconnected.
Misconnected connection.
I request new directions to your
unknown obligation.Wasn’t
Heather your friend?
Track Name: George's Bar 3 AM (+ hidden tracks)
Last call. Everybody’s stumbling around. Everybody’s yelling really loud. Two more whiskeys, three more beers. And the butterscotch lights shine on the bottles so true. Reflect your kaleidscope eyes. Two more whiskeys, three more beers. And when you’re there you almost care about everything. Last call. Everybody’s staggering now. Irish folk songs on the jukebox really loud. Three more whiskeys, two more beers. And I love the drunken smiles and the sad, sad eyes. Just let me stay here for awhile. Three more whiskeys, two more beers.